Benefits of Free Online Slots Games

Slots machine games are the most popular of all games in casinos. Recent computer technology advances have brought lots of graphics and sounds to the game making it a visually thrilling experience with the chance to win money. The basic objective is the same for all slots games and that is to get a winning combination on one or several lines. Some games are even better with mini games inside the games won during bonus rounds. Examples of great sound effects in an online game include flute sounds from ancient Egypt as a Cleopatra symbol appears in the Cleopatra slots game or sounds of a wizard tinkering away in a lab in Wild Wizards slots game. Great graphics also have made online slots a compelling reason to play. Just getting a wizard in the Wild Wizard slots game will yield a wizard who almost comes out the screen covering several reels. And in some games, when you get a bonus round, you have to pick a symbol with your mouse making it more interactive than just waiting for the symbols to appear. The great thing is these games can be played for free.
Most online casinos have two versions one is free and the other real money is wagered. In most cases, you have to download the software and install it to your computer. Install it by finding the file , usually it’s an .exe extension that’s most often downloaded to the download section of your computer. The icon and the software will install itself when you click it and you’re ready to play. You can choose to play slots for free or real money. You can alter the amount to play with as well such as giving yourself one million dollars to play with! Other options include having sounds on or off, using auto replay, varying wager amounts and amount of lines to play. You will find some information on each game including wild symbols and how to get bonus rounds.

You are now ready to play your first game. It’s just a click of a start button and you are on your way. Hear the sounds of the spinning reels and as the reels stop you might hear the flute of Ancient Egypt if you’re playing Cleopatra slots or the sounds of a car if you’re playing a drag racing themed game. These sounds are heard when the reel stops on a wild or scatter symbol. Bells will ring when you get a bonus round.

One of the great things about playing slots games for free is that you can test whatever strategy is out there or create a strategy you might want to try playing for real money. For example, a casino might report several people have won playing a certain game. That slots machine might be the game you want to play on. Or a winner might have used the auto stop feature on the slots machine and won alot of money , you might want to try that strategy or use the auto play feature. You can do all of this for free at on an online slots machine. This is one of major benefits of online slots machines. You can’t go to Vegas and play slots for free or test strategies.

Playing slots games online can be a great rewarding experience. Not only can you play slots for free, but also test strategies, and have a stimulating experience as well.